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About Dr. Christian Hirsch

Dr. Christian Hirsch is more interested in helping people than building a legacy. Always going above and beyond to help patients who have found themselves at their wits’ end, the disenfranchised, and those that simply need a caring physician, Dr. Hirsch has been quick to help and slow to accept any praise.

Although, the respect he has earned is certainly not without merit. Dr. Hirsch holds a Doctor of Medicine from St. George’s University School of Medicine and his post-graduate clinical experience includes serving as a Categorical General Surgery Intern and Resident and later as a Chief Resident in General Surgery at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center. He also served at Washington University Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery as an Advanced Laparoscopic and Rectal Surgeon. Currently, he is a colon and rectal surgeon in New York and is one of only 7 doctors to be affiliated with NYU Langone Hospitals. 

Dr. Christian Hirsch specializes in colorectal surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, abdomen surgery, and stomach cancer. He also helps treat colorectal cancer and colon cancer. He also serves as an Assistant Professor in NYU Langone Health’s Department of Surgery. Dr. Hirsch doesn’t only perform surgery and teach, he has also had some of his research published including Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders: a Calibration and Reliability Study and Yeast N-Glycanase Distinguishes Between Native And Non-Native Glycoproteins. He also speaks German in addition to English.

Dr. Christian Hirsch is motivated as much by his care for people as he is by the challenging and intellectually medical pursuits that call may medial professionals into the field. He longs to replace the nervous and downcast looks of many patients with a smile and a sense of hope. A sense of hope because they are in the hands of a doctor who cares about them and will go above and beyond in order to help a patient, regardless of their financial status or background. Dr. Hirsch’s primary motivation for excelling in his career as a surgeon is because he knows he isn’t just helping another person — he’s helping a fellow human being with a name, a family, a past, and, as much as it is up to Dr. Hirsch, a bright future.

Dr. Christian Hirsch knows that it takes both empathy and efficient care to help his patients. This mentality feeds into his support for the use of surgical technology. He knows that healthcare technology is evolving and surgeons can refine new techniques such as artificial intelligence and robotics to help their patients. One example of advances in surgery is minimally invasive surgery, one of his specialities. This method helps reduce scarring and other damage to muscles and tissues. Surgeons only need to make tiny incisions. Dr. Hirsch is a strong believer in harnessing the technology available to us to help his patients heal and recover.

With over 27 years of experience, Dr. Christian Hirsch has built a reputation as someone who cooperates with fellow doctors and physicians for the betterment of every patient he comes across. While not easy, he is dedicated to putting the patient first, something that, he says, should always be the priority of any doctor anywhere.

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